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About Big J

Executives, Plant Managers and Maintenance Managers rely on Big J to help them achieve reliabity and success in their facilities.  We provide all aspects of fabrication, installing, modifying and supporting sophisticated mechanical systems in manufacturing facilities. Not just another subcontractor, Big J cultivates long-term in-plant relationships with clients.

More Than 30 Years of Construction Expertise

Big J is there to help you implement your projects smoothly and cost effectively whether your responsibilities are strategic (owner or senior executive), tactical (plant manager) or operational (maintenance manager or plant engineer).

Owners and Senior Executives

If you are an owner or executive responsible for major construction projects you have a challenging job.

At Big J we have a challenging job as well: To make your job easier. The construction industry has traditionally been a contentious, dog-eat-dog world. At Big J, we have a different vision about how to get construction done. We believe in seamless collaboration, working together to create value for all the players involved.

Construction projects have a staggering array of steps and components.

Each part is critical to the whole in both sequence and function. When one part of a project comes off the rails, the whole project is put at risk. The Big J Leadership Team has a unique background in global construction and engineering. Even though we usually are responsible only for mechanical systems, we understand the importance of what we do relative to the project as a whole. This means we know construction isn't really about the building itself. It's about the work and business that will get done in that building. A project that's six months late may delay the benefit of sales, production or rent for the owner which could turn a good opportunity into a bad investment that may hurt an organization for years.

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It takes courage to undertake big construction projects.

Every time you take on a major construction effort, you put your career on the line. As business leaders ourselves, we have the courage to commit to completing the project on time and budget. We also understand this requires that we have the courage to address issues and problems as they come up without becoming defensive, dodging or delaying. Finger pointing and blaming are deadly to your interests and therefore ours. When you or your representative calls with an issue, our response is, 'What can we do to help resolve the issue immediately?' In the unlikely event of a crisis, we pull all our best people together to attack the problems fast.

Construction is unpredictable and risky.

At Big J we see ourselves as more than just a mechanical contractor.  We see our job as being a stable and reliable cornerstone for your project with sophisticated safety and project management systems as well as experienced people who will help you drive your project to closure. 

There's an old saying, "Well begun is half done."

We subscribe to this philosophy. In construction, if a building starts wrong, it's wrong forever and will result in endless maintenance costs, workarounds and inefficiencies. We start the job right with design reviews, constructability reviews, materials availability assessments and value engineering to minimize expensive change orders and work disruptions. Any experienced executive wants his or her new facility to embody everything they have learned from the limitations of previous facilities they have built or managed. What could be worse than creating a new building that has preventable limitations built in because the people who did the work didn't understand or care about the owner's or executive's vision for the facility?

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At Big J we are clear about why we're on your project.

We are there to further your career and your company’s strategic objectives. We accomplish this by

  • Listening well,
  • Using our expertise to help you anticipate and avoid problems before they happen
  • Building clear communication channels with all the parties involved
  • Utilizing sophisticated systems to coordinate with vendors, your project people and our internal teams
  • Focusing on doing quality work
  • Being responsive to your needs and concerns when issues and problems arise and
  • Doing what we say we're going to do to drive your project to closure safely and timely 

At Big J we call this being SEAMLESS. It's the Big J way.

Plant Managers

If you are a plant manager you carry the weight of corporate expectations

At Big J we see our job as helping you carry that weight, not add to your burdens. You need resources around you that follow through on commitments. This is the foundation on which Big J has built more than thirty years of success.

When you're Getting Squeezed Top-Down and Bottom-up Big J Can Help Relieve the Pressure

As a plant manager you are in the middle. You have pressure coming from corporate executives and pressure from employees, vendors and contractors. Our commitment to you is to be part of your solution, not part of your problem. The more weight we can carry, the less you have to carry. We do this through comprehensive project planning, scheduling and by doing our homework on the front end of the project to minimize surprises.

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It's Not Really About the Building

You know that contractors typically focus on the building itself. To you, the building is just a means to an end, to produce products and services. We understand the cost of delay is far more than just the cost of capital for the construction. The real cost of delays are the opportunity and out of pocket costs of being unable to produce your products and services as scheduled. Our project planning, scheduling, forecasting and review processes keep the work on track.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Sophisticated mechanical systems require specialized expertise. How will you know you're getting accurate and sound advice? For more than twenty years Big J has installed and maintained systems in one of the most demanding environments on earth, semiconductor manufacturing. Our teams have an extraordinarily wide range of backgrounds and experience to get your equipment and support systems operational and functional to spec.

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A Long-Term Partnership

Most contractors finish the job and move on to the next job. As a result, they aren't too concerned about how you feel about their performance. At Big J our interest always is to build a long term working relationship to support, modify and update your plant and remain your partner for the long haul. You won't find us putting plumbing into the motel being built down the street. We're focused on manufacturing, the more technically challenging the better, and we're here for the long term to keep your plant running to forecast, continuously improving, evolving with new technologies.

Maintenance Manager and Plant Engineer If you are responsible for plant maintenance and modification; you've got to create new production capability while not interfering with current production. Whatever your plant makes, process improvements, technology changes, and production demands will require constant changes in your production infrastructure. Our job is to make you look like a hero, to get your modifications done fast, right, and with the minimum of disruption to your existing workflow. Modifications and Upgrades Fast and Smooth When you need to modify or upgrade, you know your plant manager will push hard to keep production levels up no matter how major a modification you need to make. We understand the pressures you're under. Our project execution planning process gives you the opportunity to pull all the critical players together to manage expectations, identify the potential problems, develop contingencies, and head off trouble before it starts. Augmenting Your Maintenance Staff The staffing you have to handle routine maintenance likely won't be big enough and may not have the skills on board you need to handle production process upgrades. Big J acts to absorb the surges you have in maintenance staffing requirements so that your permanent staff is only what you need for the normal run of maintenance work. When the bigger projects come around, you can relax knowing you've got a dedicated and specialized team that knows your company's ways to help you get done the jobs you don't want to task to your internal people. Project Done and Done Right When your contractor finishes a project, your internal people need to be thoroughly trained, all the spare parts on hand and the systems Q/A & Q/C'd to specs. Big J knows that the closeout of a project— including commissioning, operation acceptance testing (OAT), functional acceptance testing (FAT) and cleanup— is critical to a successful project. At Big J we pay special attention to project closeout to make sure that there are no loose ends for you to worry about and that your people can smoothly step in and take over the ongoing maintenance and support chores of what we have installed for you. We're clear that our job is to make you look like a hero to your management.


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